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Traffic Police Begins Offering Irembo Platform

07 Sep 2015

Supt. Jean Marie Ndushabandi, the spokesperson of traffic and road safety department, says Irembo platform will save time and costs incurred by the public while accessing services.

Tigo Cash has partnered with Rwanda Online Platform Limited (ROPL)

07 Sep 2015

Tigo Cash has partnered with Rwanda Online Platform Limited (ROPL) to deliver e-government services payments via the portal

How online platform will curb queuing at government offices

09 Sep 2014

When John Mugiraneza went to apply for a passport for the first time earlier this year, the Kigali-based businessman made several trips to various government institutions.

Rwanda Development Board

19 Aug 2014

The Government of Rwanda and Rwanda Online Platform Limited kicked off the beginning of the first phase of implementation of the Rwanda Online platform set to establish an integrated public service platform that will exclusively offer Government to B

RwandaOnline to cut red tape

05 May 2014

Local government officials have welcomed a move to deliver services online, saying it will cut bureaucracy, time wastage and cost.